The Secret Methods of Dr B

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The first part teaches Dr.B’s folded 3×5 card switch. The Secret Methods of Dr.B

This is really two books in one

The Dr.B’s Switch and the Pseudo-Psychic Read. This is Really two books in one. 

The second part teaches a very easy to use but effective way to give on the spot pseudo-psychic readings.

The foreword from this book describes what you will be able to do:


“This is a method of doing the basic switch and read as was

done by the office clairvoyants of the past who used a standard folded 3 x 5 card.

The typical office reading would start by having the sitter write the names of a few people that meant something to them along with a question or two on a 3×5 card. They would then fold the card and set it on a table. The clairvoyant would then start the reading telling the person things about

 themselves while at the same time picking up the card and holding it in view. During this initial reading the clairvoyant’s hands would be held in such a position that it was obvious his hands were empty except for the single folded card. As the reading continued he would switch the card with a dummy and deposit the original card in his lap. He would later open this in his lap or behind some other papers he used to write on, read it, then really heat up the reading by zeroing in on the names and questions. Before the reading was over the card would be switched back for the sitter to keep.”

This is a very powerful and

convincing technique.

The first part of this manuscript describes and teaches with 18 pages of pictures, Dr. B’s method of switching a folded

 3×5 card. This technique is very convincing and easy to do. It is extremely hard to detect, even if you are looking for it, and can be done very close up.

The second part of the manuscript teaches you how to give instant, accurate, on the spot pseudo-psychic readings without having to spend hours memorizing or worrying about what to say. Instead of having your readings getting harder to do, especially if you have to do them one right after another, this technique makes them progressively easier.

When you combine both parts of the manuscript into one smooth flowing performance, you have a very powerful time tested technique that is easy to do.

The only downside is that people will think you actually have psychic powers. You must be very careful when using these techniques. Dr.B


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